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Creditwatch Connected, a division of CREDITWATCH® Services Ltd, is an industry leader in providing consumer-oriented account receivable management and business process outsourcing solutions to a diverse clientele. Since 1990, Creditwatch Services has consistently innovated new products and services to help businesses achieve their financial goals. By offering state-of-the-art debt outsourcing and management services, we have become the vendor of choice for a variety of businesses nationwide.

Creditwatch Services is headquarted in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, with additional offices in Las Cruces and Albequerque, New Mexico.


Creditwatch Services Ltd. has the desire to make a better community for our future. Our vision is centered on the idea that we best serve our customers by empowering them. Though our unique educational and assistance programs for consumers, clients and debtors as well as live seminars, website assistance and different philanthropy benefits, Creditwatch Services Ltd. is committed to the success of our customers in any and all ways that they are connected to us.


Our leadership team brings years of experience to the service of our valued employees and customers. And experience matters when it comes to your credit matters. Learn more about the leadership of our company and the people behind the vision of our commitment to empowering the clients we are lucky enough to work for.

Joseph Tempesta - President Creditwatch Services Ltd.

Having over 38 years experience in the ARM Industry Mr. Tempesta has been with some of the Largest Public and Private Debt Management Firms in the U.S.  Though the majority of his career was spent servicing fortune 500 companies, he knows the joys of working in a smaller environment as well. In the early 70’s Mr. Tempesta started out as a collection agent and worked his way to a General Manager position running his own call center and managing business development that included the North Eastern United States and Canada. In the early 80’s Mr. Tempesta founded Honor Systems International with only 6 employees; within 6 years his firm stretched 3 states Nationwide and over 250 employees. He joined the Creditwatch Services Ltd. team in 2006 as President and has enabled the company to more than double in size.

Mr. Tempesta has been nominated for the ACA Committee 100 and continues to serve on various ACA boards for consulting purposes.
As a member of the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals, International Association of Collectors, Commercial Law League of America, Debt Buyers Association, City Counsel Board Member and many others, he continues to provide knowledge to up and coming Industry professionals while overseeing the development and growth of Creditwatch Services Ltd.

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